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Paradise for lovers of the outdoors

Welcome to the homepage of Parpalandia!

A paradise for lovers of the outdoors and wilderness, Parpalandia is located approximately 50 kilometres from Rovaniemi downtown in the heart of Lapland nature.


The estate has been used as our family’s hunting grounds for decades. It has been the departure and meeting point for a number of hunting teams. Within its walls are unbelievable stories from over the years. Throughout its history, Parpalandia has seen enthusiastic hunters and outdoor lovers from home and abroad, men and women, and people from completely different backgrounds.


The Parpalandia environment has expansive hunting grounds for hunting elk, small mammals and birds. The terrain is the best possible terrain for using hunting dogs. At Parpalandia you can take a multiple different safaris and enjoy the nature.


Our safaries will be driven in a middle of a lappish forest in pure nature. With us you will experience an authentic atmosphere just the way locals like to do. Our safaris are very private and no other safari action or tourist traffic will disturb you. This makes our safaris safe and ensures the high quality of your adventure. Upon request we can tailor the program according to your own schedule.

Please contact us and we will fulfil your wishes.